1. What if I edit customer/supplier or GSTN?

Edited customer or GSTN will not atmomatically update your old invoices. You have to go into invoice and click update to make changes.

2. What will happen if I uninstall MeraBill extension?

you will lost all your data.

3. My page is displaying only 50 records. There is no next page option?

you can easy find your records using search bar.

4. How to restore MeraBill contacts?

Go to "Customer/Supplier" tab and click "Export CSV". Save this .csv file. Now somehow you lost your contacts you can restore it. To restore you have to go MeraBill "Settings" and click "Restore MeraBill Contacts" and upload your .csv file.

5. why is my INVOICE print preview not fit on one page?

Change your printer settings and margins.